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TIME: 1812BST/1312EDT
NEWS: Russian Defence Ministry says exercises near Ukraine border are over
REACTION: Analysts at RANsquawk picked up the news from a Russian news service before it was run on any major western newswire. In the course of 5 minutes E-mini S&P rose 4.75 points from 1912.75 to 1917.50 and T-notes fell 2 ticks from 126.07 to 126.05. As the news was then picked up by the major newswires the E-mini S&P continued its move higher to move to 1923.25 for a total move of 10.50 points over the following 13 minutes. T-notes continued to move lower and printed a low at 125.28 for a total move of 9 ticks in the same period. In the 30 minutes following the comment, USD/JPY rose 20 pips from 101.86 to 102.06. 

TIME: 1645BST/1145EDT
NEWS: Director of Hexcel Corp (HXL) bought 27K shares in Co. at USD 37.14, according to a filing
REACTION: In an immediate reaction HXL shares rose 1.35% from USD 37.33 to USD 37.60 

TIME: 1518BST/1018EDT
NEWS: RANsquawk sources note renewed takeover interest for Anadarko Petroleum (APC) with ExxonMobil (XOM) a touted bidder - Unconfirmed
REACTION: In an immediate reaction APC shares rose 1.2% from USD 107.15 to USD 108.45 

TIME: 1458BST/0958EDT
NEWS: Cara Therapeutics (CARA) price targets raised to USD 30 from USD 23 at Piper Jaffray
REACTION: In the immediate reaction, CARA shares rose 8.7% from USD 10.85 to USD 11.80

TIME: 1437BST/0937EDT
NEWS: Hercules Technology Growth Capital (HTGC) downgraded to hold from buy at Sandler O'Neill
REACTION: In the immediate reaction, HTGC shares fell 3.3% from USD 16.47 to USD 15.92

TIME: 1348BST/0848EDT
NEWS: US military aircraft strike Islamic state artillery, according to the Pentagon
REACTION: Over the next 5 minutes WTI futures rose USD 0.33 from 97.57 to 97.90 
TIME: 1213BST/0713EDT
NEWS: Russia seeking to de-escalate Ukraine conflict, according to RIA citing Russian Security Council Secretary. Analysts immediately explained that the headline was a significant shift in stance for the Russian authorities, with markets remaining heavily focused on the eastern European developments
REACTION: In a gradual move, Sep-14 E-mini S&P rose 9 points from 1,900.75 to 1,909.75 within 10 minutes as Sep-14 T-Notes fell consistently for the next 80 minutes, falling a total of 10 ticks from 126.11 to 126.01. Spot gold also fell USD 5.20 from USD 1,316.93 to USD 1,311.73

NEWS: US President Obama formally authorises air strike in Iraq. Analysts immediately highlighted the significance of the headline, stating it meant the US placing more geopolitical risk on the table
REACTION: Sep-14 E-mini S&P fell sharply over the following 70 minutes, falling 12.50 points from 1,904.00 to 1,891.50. Over the same period of time, T-notes rallied 11+ ticks from 125.31+ to 126.11 as spot gold climbed USD 8.02 from USD 1,309.35 to USD 1,317.37

08 Aug 2014 - 20:37 - Fixed Income Geopolitical - Source: RANsquawk

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