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TIME: 2040BST/1540EDT

NEWS: Acxiom (ACXM) CEO buys 20K shares at USD 17.57/shr according to a filing

REACTION: In an immediate reaction AXCM share rose 2.05% from USD 17.53 to USD 17.90


TIME: 1627BST/1127EDT

NEWS: Layne Christensen (LAYN) completes DOJ probe and says DOJ will not file charges against Co. on FCPA

REACTION: In an immediate reaction LAYN shares rose 5.3% from USD 10.56 to USD 11.12


TIME: 1540BST/1040EDT

NEWS: Ukraine forces attack and destroy part of armed convoy from Russia, according to Ukraine Military spokesman Lysenko. Analysts highlighted the importance of the headline by stressing this was a significant development in the relations between Ukraine and Russia

REACTION: Global equities immediately came under heavy selling pressure, with the Sep-14 DAX future falling 240 points from 9,309.0 to 9,068.0 over the next 15 minutes, as Sep-14 Bund futures rallied to all-time highs, adding 50 ticks in a move from 150.10 to 150.60. Markets saw a flight to safe-haven currencies, with USD/JPY falling 35 pips in a move from 102.63 to 102.28. Over the same time period, spot gold rallied USD 12.00 in a move from USD 1,295.00 to USD 1,307.00


TIME: 1256BST/0756EDT

NEWS: EU ready to review Russian sanctions if Eastern Ukraine is stable according to EU envoy to Russia; says EU does not want to impose more sanctions on Russia. Analysts immediately explained that markets remain sensitive to the sanctions-related headlines, with further sanctions against Russia a possible factor for continued underperformance in European equities

REACTION: Spot gold came under heavy selling pressure over the following 45 minutes, falling USD 14.41 from USD 1,310.75 to USD 1,296.32. 15 minutes following the headline, the Sep-14 DAX future rose 17 points in a move from 9,297.0 to 9,314.0


TIME: 0425BST/2325EDT

NEWS: BHP Billiton (BHP AT) says demerger of selection of assets is a preferred option with the board expecting to consider this when it reconvenes next week

REACTION: Over the following 25 minutes, BHP AT shares rallied 1.5% from AUD 38.43 to AUD 39.02

15 Aug 2014 - 21:25 - Equities Geopolitical - Source: RANsquawk

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